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There are stereotypes autistic people are expected to follow.  Too often, this means we’re expected to conform to others people’s expectations about us.  People have ideas about how we communicate, how we interrelate to our community, and what our competencies – and incompetencies – might be.

The purpose of this blog, “Evil Autie”, is to give what I believe to be another perspective on what it is like to live with autism.  But I’m not here just to be a nice autistic person that people can talk about in polite company!  While this blog will remain respectful of other people (and I expect that from commenters, even if you are very upset or hold strong, well-reasoned opinions), it’s not here to make people happy or follow stereotypes.  And, as yet another demonstration of our ability to violate stereotypes, the title is expected to be taken as humorous, not seriously.  Sadly, too many autistics are considered possessed or evil simply for being autistic (that said, I won’t say that autistics can’t also be evil – of course we can, just as anyone else can).  Autism is not another word for evil!

This blog will dive into the areas of daily life, self-advocacy, human rights, and self-direction that can give people insight into who autistic people are – or at least who some autistic people are.  I’m hoping for lively discussions and interesting comments from others, as well.  I certainly don’t have the only views on what it means to be autistic!  The only rules for comments are (1) no spam (which I define as someone selling a product unrelated to the the post, or posting way-off-topic political or other types of rants) and (2) be respectful of others, including those who you disagree with – even if you really are right and they really are wrong!  And, yes, I do believe even us autistic people can be decent to others (see, I told you I wouldn’t follow all the stereotypes)!

So come, contribute, and give your own particular take on being autistic!

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  1. Bob says:

    I cannot find the correct spot to reply to your blog on what temples mom or whoever it was on emotional maturity and sex issues in august 2013 or whatever, i dont blog so forgive me if you will that i have not seen it.

    The point not define in the fact is circumstantial facts, point of view, grooming habits, psychological syndromes and cycles that create predators from victums of sexual abuse. I myself am living proof of such said fact. And to prove the point i am making, i almost completely agree with your thoughts on emotional development styles and patterns and the base which we start at. That and knowing the dynamics of social interactions, fatherless dynamics (not just oh he is gone but the other empathetic impact it has and the choices that ensue with it; remember i said dynamics and plural) as well as coping dynamics with that of a severely bullied, severely sexually and attention abused as well as a severely bullied and harshly diciplined child. Not to mention the effects of introvert and extrovert and emotional suppression and how it reacts with some development and no development. There is miles of data regarding how a person can turn out and yet nobody knows how the 0.001% who get into the situation thinks or how the majority gets themselves into their situations. Just because i did a horrible thing myself does not mean i reach true predator status and does not mean that temple mom is right either. Nay you, joel because of your understanding. Remember perspective that we only know a fragment,…i know and am trying but lets continue in the civilized fashion you yourself started with joel. Thanks for reading my useless statement and i hope your day gets better! 🙂

  2. Gems says:

    I was reading your article about desperate Autistic men, I really appreciate it as a woman on the Autism spectrum. Worse is many parents enable the desperate behavior, harassing girls to be their boyfriend. My mom who set up most of the Autism support groups I went to was lied to that they were safe spaces. If the parents couldn’t bully me into being their son’s girlfriend, they’d manipulate my mom with a sob story.

    What you said about DAMs expecting girlfriends to mommy them is true. I had suicidal thoughts convinced my Asperger’s meant I was doomed to being a caretaker “girlfriend” to one of these men. I stopped having any social desires for fear I’d be put in another support grup. I went to an Autism therapist who tried to put me in another group. I didn’t realize how much the psychological abuse I endured in those groups affected me, until I was unable to stop crying for 2 days in terror of being harrassed again. Afraid to say no, because these DAMs would turn it into about how they have Autism and manipulate others into seeing me as bullying them for it.

    No one in the Autism community wants to admit their ignoring their son’s warped view of women sets them up to treat women abusively. I contacted NBC telling them about this regarding the Elliot Rodgers case I imagine they’ll have an episode about. I was thinking the Autism spectrum should have gendered diagnoses, by this I mean women get a different name meaning female Autism so women could create groups of women with that diagnoses, without parents with sons on the spectrum manpulating or stomping their feet about their sons being excluded. That’s right, it really has gotten so bad with the parents beng irrational regarding this, it seems the only way for women to be safe is to have a seperate diagnoses from men on the spectrum.

    As for me I’m afraid to share my diagnoses because the enabling parents of DAMs have no respect for Autistic women’s boundaries or desires. It has puzzled me how parents can treat the children of other parents in a way they’d never wanted their child treated. I hear there was someone in the last Autism group who might want to be my boyfriend. I knew it was likely he’d call me constantly, treat me like a possession.

    I realized because of how I was born DAMs and their parents thought not ony should I accept this abuse, but empathize with why it was done to me. Neurotypical women can choose who they want to be with. Autistic women are psychologically manipulated into seeing DAMs abusive behavior as something they are a victim of, and told they could’ve been born like them.

    This is saying to socially vulnerable women, “Because you were born with Autism you must be my son’s girlfriend, if you say no I’ll remind you that you owe your life to him because you also have Autism.” I don’t have any non-curse words to describe how sick and wrong that is. Not to mention hypocritical, you don’t want discrimination towards Autistic people, yet you’re psychologically abusing Autistic women saying their Autism means they have no right to choose their life? Like how they arrange marriages in other countries?

    I am angry not just because this happened to me, because I am afraid this will happen to other women on the Autism spectrum. I also am sickened the Autism community just excuses this as “They have Autism!” These parents who made excuses for their sons not learning you don’t treat women like machines where you put in gift or affection tokens and receive sex after paying enough let their sons become creeps.

    I contacted Law & Order SVU because if Olivia Benson saying this is wrong doesn’t cause the Autism community to have to confront this, nothing will.

  3. Katya says:

    Dear Evil Autie!

    Here in Sweden (Gothenburg University) the research on bloggers with autism is conducted. It is not much written about narrative practices of people with autism especially in the dimension of Internet. That is why I find it important to convey a message to the scientific community about the necessity and advantages of computer-mediated interaction via blogs and social networks. I believe those who already benefit from it will stand for wider implementation of information and communication technology tools in an educational context as well.

    I will be very glad to ask you to participate in the online survey. If you feel like contributing in this field and interested in taking part in a reserch please contact me via my email gusboyek {at} student dot gu dot se

    Thank you,

    best regards,


  4. L. Smith says:

    I read your post about fecal smearing and I loved this one line the most “Not everything is about autism. Even in an autistic.” Thank you for your insight. I have a child in his teens with autism and he never did this, but I know of another non-autistic child that did do it once or twice. I have seen the message boards you speak of and I do see parents trying to outdo one another in the desperate attempt to prove their child “really does have autism.” At the same time, I can see why they might be so desperate to prove such, that they lose sight of what they are doing and the harm it can cause; People who are clueless have a tendency to claim parents are just making excuses for a lazy child or for poor parenting skills and it gets old. My answer to ignorance was typically a hotly recited one minute education in autism that got right to the point and sent unsolicited advisors slinking away in shame for being a presumptive ass.

    I would love for you to write a post on euphemisms. Specifically autism as a euphemism for mentally retarded/impaired – I don’t even know the accepted terminology for that condition anymore because “retarded” has been used as a slang term to insult someone for so long, it is considered insulting to use it even when it is being used in a clinical sense.

    What I have seen, and it really bothers me a lot, is people using “autism,” as a euphemism for mentally impaired/mental retardation. My child with autism has no mental impairment. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning it can range from barely perceptible to severe and along with it “may” come other disorders. Some mentally impaired/mentally retarded individuals have a dual diagnoses of mental retardation *plus* a certain type or degree of autism. But what the unschooled who have encountered the euphemism creators don’t realize is that these two conditions are not bound together. One does occur without the other more often than not. But when someone has the dual diagnoses mentioned above, the parent or sibling will simply state, he/she has autism because it’s far less offensive than saying he/she is mentally impaired or mentally retarded because those terms have so long been used as insults among immature teens and adults.

    Why I have a problem with this is because it paints a picture in the minds of the unschooled that autism and mental retardation are the same thing because retardation is obvious to the average observer and autism is invisible at first, second and third glance – so they assume what they are observing (retardation) is autism because that is what the parent or sibling told them their child or sibling has. Then my child gets treated as if he is retarded and eventually believes he must be retarded, and that I just don’t have the heart to tell him. Public schools, of course, are the biggest offenders of treating someone with autism as if they are mentally challenged. It burns me up but I can’t speak about it because I know several people whom it would be unwise to get into an argument with on this subject, who are euphemism creating offenders.

    Thank you again for your insight and bravo for this blog!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know what I find ironic? That you don’t want anyone slamming autistic people yet you claim that this blog is meant to be taken humorously and not seriously. FYI, if you want people to respect you for who you are, you shouldn’t use improper humor like what you did in this website of yours because that can encourage others to victimize you some more.

  6. jgordon says:

    I wrote a blog post that referenced some of your past writing [1], but the links aren’t valid. I’d like to reference them in a book project. Is there a current link? Would you consider republishing them?


    [1] http://bestyoucanbe.blogspot.com/2015/12/autism-and-interest-depletion.html
    [2] sphone4all.com

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