A New Author for this Blog!

I want to introduce a new blogger who will be writing on this blog!  I’m going to let her introduce herself now:

(a shy girl peeks out from behind the living room couch, sees potential friends, and then jumps up, yells “Hi”, waves, and ducks back behind the couch)

(Joel says, “You can come out, these people aren’t that mean. No, really, they’re pretty decent folk)


I’m looking forward to writing here – I’ve been involved in the autism advocacy community for nearly two decades, and frequently posted (under other names!) for years in mailing lists, newsgroups, and forums about my experience. I’ve somehow navigated work well enough to end up in a respectable technical job (yes, I’m that stereotypical autistic software development type). I’ve been lucky enough to find the love of my life, who I married – she’s also autistic, which is why our marriage works.

Oh, you sound like you have a similar background to Joel.

Uh, yes, I  know. Because I am Joel, or, rather, I used to be Joel.  I’ve begun my transition from male to female, which means a bunch of things are changing – like my name (Joelle now), my pronouns (she/her/hers), and how I dress, at least in certain circumstances (I’m not yet “full time” in my gender presentation).  I’ll also probably be writing about this experience of transition sometimes. But I’ll write about a lot of the things I wrote as Joel, too – after all, I’m the same person.

So I probably don’t need to introduce myself after all! Instead, Joelle will continue to write about the stuff she’s always written about – just with a more authentic byline and a more honest perspective.


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