More on Brooks Gibbs & the Kalman Bullying Prevention Hogwash

I wrote a bunch yesterday.

I’m not going to go through that again, but I do notice that the Brooks Gibbs’ program page is now returning a page not found (as it appears the rest of the site is also doing).

So I’ll give a new link, so long as it remains up.

And I’m going to do something I pretty much never do: I’m going to warn you that these videos are decidedly unplesant and you probably don’t want to watch them if you’re not somewhere that you can yell at your computer. You also don’t want to watch them if you can’t, right now, deal with teaching and role playing that reflects what too many victims are told when they are told that they, not the bully, is the problem.

Here’s the link to the videos.  Remember, Brooks Gibbs is paid by schools worldwide to “teach”. Also remember his qualifications – Brooks Gibbs went to a right-wing Christian unaccredited (edit: nationally, but not regionally, accredited, which isn’t a great thing – regional is generally what you want) college that doesn’t have degrees in education, childhood development, or psychology.

In “Lesson 5”, you’ll even see a guest appearance of Izzy Kalman, the person who designed this “Buddies to Bullies” thing.  I confess I didn’t watch all of them.  Lesson 5 was awful enough.

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3 Responses to More on Brooks Gibbs & the Kalman Bullying Prevention Hogwash

  1. Joel says:

    This is a test comment to ensure I’m not accidentally blocking comments.

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  3. Melanie C. Duncan says:

    I am a parent from one of the schools Mr. Gibbs spoke at. I have many concerns.
    Mr. Gibbs is a evangelical minister who (according to my 14 year-old) “preached” about God in a public school and said that gays should expect to be ridiculed for being “the way they are.”

    I called around and discovered some other concerning facts:

    -Gibbs is associated with Kalman and did indeed write the Lincoln Public School Flyer.

    -Gibbs was fired from his last stint as a pastor due to making discriminating remarks about women and minorities. Does the office depot foundation and one direction know this of their poster child?

    -Gibbs defends the innocence of convicted murderer Scott Peterson

    It’s concerning to me schools don’t do background checks on visitors like this.