It’s Complicated…No Shiny Boxes

Shiny boxes don’t fit real people. We’re way too complex for that. It’s a point I often make about autistic people: we don’t fit boxes well. It turns out that autistics aren’t the only ones who don’t fit in boxes. In honor of National Coming Out Day last week, I’m posting a video that sums up a lot of academic ideas about sex, gender, attraction, behavior, and gender roles all in a few minutes.

There are tons of LGBT people in the autistic community (I suspect a far larger percentage than in the non-autistic population). Plenty of autistics don’t fit the stereotypical idea of a man or a woman. I’ll give a hint: just like an autistic person may intelligent but not speak, or may have sensory issues but not communication issues, there’s a lot to human sex and gender, and the different pieces are not necessarily related to each other. It’s bad to make assumptions about an autistic’s abilities. And it’s bad to make assumptions related to sex, gender, attraction, and behavior.

Enough of my writing – this person explains it much better:

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