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This is old software, no longer supported unfortunately.  I no longer have a development environment to work on the software, sadly, and I don’t even know if I could dig up the source code.

That said, some people found it handy.  If you have a Windows machine (I’m not sure if it will work on anything newer than XP), and are tech-savvy enough to figure out how to install this, I’m placing it here for the community.

What is JTalk?

JTalk is a free communication software package. It allows a user to use their computer to communicate verbally with others.

Some of the features include:

  • Text-to-Speech synthesizer access (text that is typed on a keyboard can be spoken by the computer)
  • Support for SAPI5, SAPI4, and IBM ViaVoice speech engines if installed on the computer
  • Custom abbreviations and pronunciations
  • Programmable buttons, arranged on user-defined “button pages,” allow pre-defined messages and scripts to be spoken easily
  • Network support allows two JTalk users to see each other’s text as it is typed
  • Tablet PC support includes a “sketchpad” feature to allow quick free-form communication
  • Ability to restrict vocabulary and sentence structure to predefined formats to make it easier to teach young children about communication

While JTalk is a sophisticated program that includes many features most people won’t use, it is also easy to use. Most users can begin to “speak” immediately by simply entering text in the input box on the main form and then hitting enter to hear it spoken.


Currently, JTalk is licensed only to those users who receive a copy directly from the author or his website. It may not be redistributed without the author’s permission. No fee may be charged for the use or distribution of JTalk.

JTalk is not licensed for use in situations where failure of JTalk would place a user at risk of injury or other harm. It is also not licensed to be a substitute for a reliable communication system.

For spell-checking support, JTalk uses the NetSpell library, developed by Paul Welter. For full copyright information, see the JTalk help file.


JTalk is not a substitute for a reliable primary communication system! It is also not suitable for use where failure would place someone in direct or indirect danger. JTalk is designed as an aid to a user in communicating, not to replace existing forms of communication.

Users are urged to seek the opinion of a professional speech therapist or other medical professional in determining what possibilities for alternative and augmentative communication exist. If JTalk helps you, use it! But, please don’t settle for this program as your sole communication system or as an inferior substitute to a proper communication system.

The author of this software cannot be responsible for use outside of these recommendations. He also sincerely hopes that all persons seeking alternative forms of communication seek the best solution to meet their needs, not just easily available or affordable solutions. Your voice is too important for you to settle for anything less.

Installation Requirements

JTalk requires several Windows operating system features, such as the .NET Framework and the Microsoft Speech API COM component. Thus, this program will work on an up-to-date (that is, a machine with recent Windows Updates performed) Windows XP system with no additional software. Older operating systems, such as Windows 2000, will work if SAPI 5.1 and the .NET Framework 1.1 is installed, however, unlike Windows XP, these components do not come standard with Windows 2000. I cannot provide support for this, nor can I provide any support at all for Windows 95, 98, or Me, although users have managed to make this software work on those platforms.

Download JTalk 1.40C

Click here to download jtalk-setup-1.40C.msi (1239 KB)

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