Peace…it’s not a bad thing

Okay, not about autism today either.  But I wanted to write something after watching the news from Libya and watching reactions from politicians and religious figures.

I have deep Christian beliefs.  That’s one of the reasons I’m so sad when I see the perversion of my religion made into a hateful, judgmental, legalistic thing.  My religion is living to me, not a bunch of rules.

Yet too many Christians want to condemn all Muslims for the attack against the American embassy in Libya.  Which is exactly the same thing that the extremists did in Libya when they lumped all Americans into one category.  We can argue about the right to offend people versus the right to not be offended, but at the end of the day I can’t believe that we’ve got a future as a species if we’re going to go around trying to piss each other off and show how right we are -or- if we are going to murder people of the “wrong” nationality in retribution for offense (note that I’m not saying offending someone is morally equivalent to murder, as clearly it isn’t, at least to me).

But some can’t seem to handle people not believing the same things they believe.  From my standpoint, It’s almost as if people want war.  In the name of their God.  Yuck.

My hope is that some of us don’t, and eventually we’ll find better ways of disagreeing with one another.

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