Earplugs, Anyone?

While looking for some motorcycle earplugs, I found www.earplugstore.com.  While I haven’t yet ordered from them (but plan on it!), I was very impressed with their selection of earplugs and similar items.  I know many of us struggle with a loud world and look to earplugs or other hearing protection.  But I know many of us also struggle finding comfortable hearing protection (I recommend the “Hearos” brand – very soft and very quiet, but too quiet for using on a motorcycle, unfortunately).  This place looks like it might be a good place to take a look around.  Interestingly, in the “About Us” section of the site, the site owner mentions she’s a parent of an autistic child.

No,  I don’t get a commission or anything – I have no relationship with the store other than my plans to become a customer. So please comment below if you’ve had good – or bad – experiences with this place.

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